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2010-07-11 18:18:41
Thank you for posting them. I'm a Starbucks addict and have thoroughly enjoyed them!
2010-07-11 12:48:25
Over the past week, I uploaded 45 photos as Brothah Barista. This was all done in fun, partially as a spoof of "Sistah Barista", and partially as a diversion while I wait to see if the updated Pixdaus is ever released. However, I am ending this as I upload this final photograph. Interestingly of the 45 photo that I uploaded, 4 of them became popular, something that I didn't expect out of any of them. And none of them were voted into the -13 obscurity that I had expected of most of them. But, enough is enough, and I am ending it. I may, or may not, upload additional posts under a different pseudonym.