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Old Comments:

2010-08-05 16:38:09
The photographer comes from Michigan, so maybe the picture was taken there... :)
2010-08-05 16:36:33
Many thanks, Jujuba. And so are you.. :)
2010-08-05 15:47:45
Você é muito querida (You are such a sweetheart) :-)
2010-08-05 15:33:46
It's bound to happen from time to time, Jujuba. I apologize to you if/when I do the very same to you. And yes, looks like we have the same taste for photos as you say. That can only be good, can't it ? :) Thanks again, Jujuba....
2010-08-05 15:31:45
No apology necessary, Jujuba... :)
2010-08-05 15:30:48
Is that where you are from COY?
2010-08-05 15:29:19
Oh only now, after having written the comment below, I saw your link above...sorry again!
2010-08-05 15:27:12
I once again apologize for having reposted one of your uploads Mary :-( You know, both of us are hunting for pictures in the same place, so I have to be extra also means we both have kinda the same taste for photos ;-) :P Here´s the one PictureGirl has posted:
2010-08-05 09:32:58
2010-08-05 09:30:39
Sorry Jujuba, but I posted this photo a few weeks back. Anyway, it was good to see it again in any case. Can't blame you for posting it again... :)
2010-08-05 06:19:09
Very pretty Autumn scene jujuba. It could well be in southern Indiana..
2010-08-05 05:54:00