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Old Comments:

2009-05-14 00:55:44
Uh...after the first 100 days, PLEASE GIVE US BACK THE MAN HE REPLACED. Even Bush didn't squander my money like this novice is. Debt. Trillions of debt that goes to his sticky little leftist fringe. And a foreign policy even worse than Carter's. Please. I want America back. We need Reagan now more than ever, for apart from a miracle, only the conservative, free enterprise of a nation at constitutional liberty can rescue us now.
2009-03-14 17:28:11
Ditto patito. Spot On!
2009-01-24 22:52:13
One of the reasons Obama won the election is that the American people were and are weary of the kind of lame political rhetoric exemplified by Naysayer's comment. The conservative right, having run out of ideas and solutions to problems, had to resort to slander, mud-slining, obfuscation, fear-mongering and plain old outright lies...and they still lost. Personally, I'm enjoying the hell out of listening to the Limbaugh-lickers whine and moan.
2009-01-22 08:21:22
Thanks Connie , I for one respect the day and the man !Good days ahead !!!