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Old Comments:

2008-06-28 07:20:30
whoever you are out there that hates me so much, that you do this, instead of just being normal, you are a sad little thing. here's a river of piss on your face. better now?
2008-06-28 05:14:22
Good thing for Global Warming, that place would be buried in snow otherwise. ;-)
2008-06-28 02:10:51
i wasn't one-upping anyone lolz. i was remarking on an interesting geographical situation that the photo made me think of. piss on you!
2008-06-27 22:27:15
It's true. New Yorkers are also more egotistical, self-centered, obnoxious and prone to oneupmanship than people from most other places. Aren't they wonderful?
2008-06-27 14:36:45
crap--forgot to mention, Hlynur: great photo!
2008-06-27 14:24:59
i'm acting like an ass and i am sorry BUT i just wanted to say that it's ironic bc even in Iceland the snows/colds are not like in North America, bc Iceland is moderated by the vestiges of the Gulf Stream and is warmed more than most people realize, that's why it's the "green" "land" (where "Groenland, Greenland") is actually the land of ice). In a harsh winter, where would you rather be, despite the latitude? Yup--Reykjavik sounds pretty cozy compared to Buffalo New York, and it would be true. Places like Toronto get blasted by Arctic wind, but places like Buffalo and Rochester get dumped with the snow produced by the humidity overthe Lakes, which means we get a wall of snow on a sunny Tuesday morning, something which most people cannot understand, except maybe poppy. thank god that shit is over...until December.
2008-06-27 14:13:54
crap--forgot to mention, Hlynur: great photo!
2008-06-27 14:08:36
i forgot many people here are from many countries, so let me explain my comment. the Great Lakes region of north-central US and south-central Canada around the Great Lakes experience snow equal to Sibera. Siberia will always get more extreme. But the Lakes region of US/Canada becomes so frigid and ridiculous, i'm not sure if the difference matters. And yes, we get a wall of snow. Snow to freeze you ass. When your ass freezes, you call for your Mommy. It is not pleasant. poppy, you're in Scandinavia, you know what i'm talkin about!
2008-06-27 13:54:11
Reykjavik huh? try living in Upstate New York. snow's a problem? we'll tell you about snow.