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Old Comments:

2010-04-16 03:45:39
@ Connie - why dont you upload some pictures of Solvand?
2010-04-16 02:51:42
I really appreciate it Poppy! I try doing my best with the simple camera I have...and all your comments inspire me to do always better :-) On that day, it was actually raining, and I was taking the pictures with someone holding an umbrella for me :P You know, inside that building next to the mill, theres a very charming coffee shop which offers the most delicious Dutch coffees and pies. And at night, they serve traditional Dutch dishes :-)
2010-04-15 19:57:33
Hi Jujuba: You have taken great strides in your photography... well done!
2010-04-09 04:21:14
That's interesting information jujuba. There is a place in California called Solvang. The whole town looks like a town in Holland/Netherlands. They have a law that all buildings have to be in the Dutch style - they have windmills, etc. I really enjoyed seeing it.
2010-04-09 03:01:26
@ Skip Thank you so much Skip...after your comment Im actually gonna pay more attention to dimensions and depth of my photos when I take them ;-)
2010-04-09 02:59:34
@ Connie Thats actually Brazil dear...Ive never been to the Netherlands, Id love to though, who wouldnt? ;-) This photo was taken in a Dutch colony called 'Castro', in the southern state of Parana... During the last wars, the Dutch started looking for new places to settle, where they could be safer...and also land was getting scarce in their homeland. So the south of Brazil was one of the chosen places.
2010-04-09 02:52:45
@ PG Im just really glad that so many people liked me inspiration to take better photos :-)
2010-04-08 03:53:33
Great pic jujuba! I do like this second version the best cause it gives you more of a perspective on the height of the mill..and I like the way those orange flowers make the ducks stand out even more. keep up the good work!
2010-04-08 02:59:11
Lovely photo Jujuba. Did you go on holidays to the Netherlands? If so, did you like the country? That is one country in Europe I did not see yet.
2010-04-08 00:21:20
Glad to see your photo in the top 5 most popular pics. Great work, Jujuba... :)