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Old Comments:

2011-04-10 11:39:54
just kidding..couldn't resist it.
2011-04-10 11:21:10
Its an animation of a cat, the only dog here is cohise
2011-04-10 09:49:17
There is no dog!
2011-04-09 09:55:14
I must point out I did not sign the discharge papers (I was on holidays when that being was released). God help us all!
2011-04-09 09:53:42
By golly - coocoo cohise is back! They let you out huh? Hope you're not off your meds dearie!
2011-04-09 09:08:00
Hola, now I’m really getting into trouble. Well, ….. OK. Thanks for the hearty welcome, Patito !
2011-04-09 07:39:56
Hey,'s been a looooong time since we've seen you around here... You been in jail ?Welcome back from your old buddy Patito : ) !
2011-04-09 07:33:32
NEVER TRUST A TAIL WITH A CAT ON IT. Cohise, the only address with the name Cohise.