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Old Comments:

2009-10-22 19:15:16
Once again, here we go: Accidental reposts are one thing, and deliberate filching from other posters' files quite another (as, for example, practised by fardin). Relax, Jujuba.
2009-10-22 04:41:18
I have forgotten to do a search myself at times.
2009-10-22 04:09:46
If you want me to ask Pixdaus to remove it, I donīt mind :)
2009-10-22 04:04:05
Oh...Iīm sorry Poppy :) I usually do the search before, failed to do for this one.
2009-10-22 04:02:28
I was going to post this photo last week, but in my search I saw that Poppy had already posted it.