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Old Comments:

2010-09-19 07:40:22
I just did a search for that Gabrielle on Google and I think that you are right. Well done in finding out where this place is... :)
2010-09-19 07:23:48
I think this may be the "Red Earth" region near Dongchuan in Yunnan, China.
2010-09-18 08:14:04
Tried "escape from the city" - nothing, also TinEye to no avail so hopefully someone will recognise this place.
2010-09-17 21:49:30
LIBELLULE - did you see the photo I posted for you about a couple of weeks ago. If not, you can search under "Libellule - macro photography. LUNA - Did you see the photo I posted for you under the caption 'Luna - Luna Moth' ?
2010-09-17 16:45:41
Well, Luna has put 'by escape from the city', so I assume that this is the photographer... :)
2010-09-17 16:16:47
I read too quickly : I thought 'escape from the city' was a part of the title :(
2010-09-17 15:58:48
No Libellule. Luna has put in the tags who the photographer is..... 'escape from the city'.
2010-09-17 15:53:29
Did you catch it by yourself ?
2010-09-17 11:40:36
A beautiful and interesting image - where is it?