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Posted By:hr

Old Comments:

2008-07-07 13:15:57
Why couldn't they sit on the benches? The spirals do not project out onto the seat even though I can see what you mean -its just an illusion -there is one armrest on each side with plenty of room on the seat.
2008-05-25 05:03:39
Of course it's Photoshopped. Consider this: as pictured, people wouldn't be able to sit on the benches.
2008-01-30 18:08:27
crazy spiral very deep and shake head
2008-01-30 15:28:30
I agree,a long exposure with small aperture will give you a high depth of field (fore and background in focus)
2008-01-30 04:50:27
Why photoshopped? These are just spiral armrests on two bench photographed in a row. I don't see anything photoshopped in there
2008-01-29 22:45:12
Nice Photoshop :)