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Old Comments:

2010-03-19 11:56:24
It will be autumnal equinox here Frosty, and I for one am so glad that it will be happening. I can really sympathize with you about vernal equinox. How much do you dislike the warm weather ? If you're anything like me, you would have a fiery hatred of it. I love the cold and I've had some people teasing me about that. But I can't help loving the cold. I'd much prefer a cold snap any day than a heatwave. I look forward to your farewell season set, Frosty. I hope that you won't be too uncomfy over summer. But don't worry, winter will be back before you know it... :) That will mean summer back for us and that makes me sad... :(
2010-03-19 11:48:05
Yeah, no kidding. Saturday will be the vernal equinox; my most dreaded day of the year. So tomorrow I will post my farewell for the season set.
2010-03-19 10:10:46
Awesome! :-)
2010-03-19 09:02:38
True about that happy medium, Skip. They just had the weather bureau on the radio here and they were telling the man in charge of the radio shift that we haven't had any days below 20C (that's around 70F) since December 8th last year. And it looks like we will be getting those temps for a little while longer still. I'm just sick of it being warm all the time. It ain't my cup of tea. Granted, I don't think I'd like it perpetually cold either, like you guys have got it. Yep, there's that happy medium again coming out again, Skip. You are soooo right about that.
2010-03-19 08:45:25
I know you must be anxious for some cooler weather Mary, we had a very cold winter here, but it was mild because we didn't have much snow, and we are having spring early this year, but I think it's the extreme temps that bug us...too hot or too cold, we really need a happy medium! :)
2010-03-19 08:31:05
It is supposed to be autumn here, but with the weather being so warm still, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was still summer around here. Talk about a long, hot summer ! I can remember years ago when we had winter, how cold it would be in my flat. That doesn't happen anymore. We definitely are heating up on this planet... :(
2010-03-19 08:23:55
I think spring is in the air frosty,,but winter still makes a pretty picture! :)