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Old Comments:

2008-06-10 21:37:48
I think Homer Simpon designed something like this in one episode...
2008-06-10 16:40:09
Weren't the cars/spaceship vehicle thingies they rode in the Jetsons based on this car ?
2008-06-10 16:38:54
poor designer...! if he knows now the cars look like frogs...
2008-06-10 15:48:14
50 cals, for clearing trafic
2008-06-10 14:14:33
If only it actually *was* jet-propelled... now that would be a cool car. "We have the technology"
2008-06-10 12:10:32
They are to spear any pedestrian foolish enough to try and use the cross walk in front of this car...
2008-06-10 11:27:09
Agreed. It's like they are saying "I have nothing else to do but check and remember every single picture that gets posted". I happen to think its a very cool picture. What are those appendages sticking out of the front?
2008-06-09 23:49:46
Why do you feel it necessary to tell me that this image is a duplicate? Can I retract it - no. Does it being a duplicate matter to me - no.
2008-06-09 21:06:42