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Old Comments:

2008-06-08 22:42:05
I am in love; cannot go past this car without stopping. Rita had CLASS.
2008-06-08 18:16:31
wonderful one! it was a wonderful time of great cars, not the ugly ones like now
2008-06-08 14:45:04
I wonder who owns it now or where it is.
2008-06-08 13:49:42
The body design is about 40 years ahead of its time
2008-06-08 08:30:24
2008-06-08 08:01:43
maybe fyi alter ego?
2008-06-08 07:47:18
"I've never been called 'sir' before", says she, giggling...
2008-06-08 06:34:16
I heartily agree sir. Carry on with spreading the gospel of coolness.
2008-06-08 06:32:24
What a honey of a car! I don't often get enthused about 'wheels' but this is magnificent!