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2010-06-13 09:54:00
Hi Connie. That 'bad gateway' message is a nuisance. I guess that we get that message because it would take some doing to load up all of the pics that get sent here. That would be an even bigger nuisance and problem with the 100 pages going back to 10. I mean, you are paying money to have these added features. You should be allowed to use these all the time...
2010-06-13 09:49:18
You are always welcome, Skip. I'm glad that you are able to still leave messages here... :)
2010-06-13 04:50:10
I always get the 'bad gateway' message. As a premium user, we can select 100 photos per page; but, after looking at the first page, it reverts back to 10. It was not a problem before.
2010-06-13 04:04:31
Thanks for your concern Mary, but it's ok, I've had trouble with pixdaus before, I get that bad gateway message too, I may have to wait longer but I'm still leaving messages.
2010-06-12 23:01:07
I wonder why you are having so many problems with sending the comments, Skip ? I'm very sorry that this happening to you. I hope it will all be rectified soon...
2010-06-12 13:33:55
Whoa,... now that's a steam train! you know your stuff steampunk :) btw, it's taking me years to send messages, and I have to keep checking for what nick you're using. ;)