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Old Comments:

2010-07-03 04:50:48
reminds me of Ma and Pa Kettle
2010-07-02 15:32:15
I gave you my 3 votes!! It's to thank you for realizing that I know everything...that I am omnipotent, the great one, the Ohm, the 'One', the 'Chosen'. Kudos to you for knowing that the more we learn the more we realize we know very little. I guess your brain is not quite as mushed up as I thought. Actually, I'm a great believer of 'live long learning'.
2010-07-02 15:13:02
I spent a very long time in school....took my first college course in 1963..finished my last tour of grad school in the 1980's.. I've realized most of my life how little I really knew, and the immensity of how much there was to learn... Unlike people like you, of course, who don't even need to go to college since you've always known everything...
2010-07-02 14:58:04
You were still at university in the 70s....a bit slow what!?
2010-07-02 13:48:11
There's probably better documentation somewhere, but a quick search found this at Shorpy.."Interlude, after watching the Fourth of July parade," Vale, Oregon, 1941...35 mm nitrate negative, by Russell Lee. I have a particluar interest in these photos because I was privileged to be around Russell Lee a little bit back when I was a student at UT, Austin, in the 60's and 70's. Lee was the Grand Old man of the photography dept, and a real presence in the school. I never took a course from him, but I did I attend his retirement party in Eastwood Park. He was replaced by Gary Winnograd, to whom I once lost a race on the street for a parking space. He was from New York City....I didn't have a chance.
2010-07-02 13:16:59
Looking at the style of the woman's dress and especially her shoes, I would say it's a photo of the early to mid 40s.
2010-07-02 11:18:21
This photo is from the 1920's or early 1930's. Not the 40's. It's very beautiful. True love.
2009-08-19 09:55:26
Few photographers have done a better job capturing the essence of the human experience, the joy of life, and the basic dignity of plain folks than Russell Lee...
2009-08-19 09:44:02
I go to that sight also, and this is one of my all time favorites from it......such a wonderful couple they are.
2009-08-19 09:26:04
I love these 'oldie' pics!