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2010-07-06 08:50:24
Tnk :)
2010-07-06 08:49:10
2010-07-06 08:26:29
Bonne réponse ;-)
2010-07-06 05:54:42
Happy birthday to you :-) I had a very long day, with a lot of "things". I read. And no time now to answer you properly/rightly. I am near 63, in a few days. And, like you, je me sens jeune. This woman is probably around 70. When I said "old woman", it is only because I am feeling, in French : stagnation, sûreté de soi, sûreté dans ses croyances, non remise en cause d'aucune sorte ... Affichage de CERTITUDES. A tout jamais. Et contente de ses propres certitudes. Aucun doute, aucune remise en cause, aucun questionnement. Rien de cet étonnement qui est la caractéristique d'un esprit JEUNE. OUVERT. En résumé, pour moi : "OLDNEES"/ AGE/ OLD AGE = CERTITUDES.
2010-07-06 03:11:54
STOP...ARRET...CEASE!!! That is not an old woman Libellule ;-) What was considered old 50 years ago or even 20 years ago is no longer so. That woman is no more than in her late 60s or very early 70s at the most. You just have to look at her legs...they are the legs of a middle age woman. Her upper arms, which would not be exposed to the sun as much, do not show any excess flesh/sagging. But, you can see the damage the sun did to her face, neck and hands; those are areas that are always exposed to the sun; and she probably does not use sunscreen. She especially might not be using a mosturizer on her face that has sunscreen in it. It's not age damage; it's sun damage. I just turned 65 years old; I use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it all year round, so my face has very few lines. Today's sun is much more dangerous than previous generations; that's why there is so much skin cancer now. I have met many people in their 70s and 80s in the mountains when skiing and hiking. Governments all over the world are re-thinking the retirement age. France is now considering that age 60 is too young for retirement; Canada's retirement age for the federal government old age pension is age 65; they are now re-thinking that. Canada has made it illegal in most sectors to discriminate against age. So, now a person can work beyond age 65. If the employer has any concerns, he can insist on a medical examination. Of course, jobs such as Air Traffic Control, pilots etc. still have a retirement age. Power to the grey people ;-)
2010-07-05 22:52:18
This picture/woman would need long stories ... a "roman" :-)
2010-07-05 07:33:46
I´ll leave the stories for you this time, petit libellule ;-)
2010-07-05 05:45:31
Funny :) Jujuba ? Aren't they many things to tell in front of this old woman ?