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Old Comments:

2010-02-16 09:48:34
Ewww, raw duck eggs ? No thanks, patito. i'll leave them up to you. And with your exercise routine, well, I'm getting puffed out just reading it all, let alone doing any of it... :)
2010-02-16 09:32:05
Well, Coy, it takes a lot of hard work and self-discipline.I get up about 4 each morning, take a plunge in the pool and do 40 or 50 laps, then exercise with weights for 45 minutes. Then I do a 12 k run. By daybreak I'm ready fo a light breakfast, usually wheat germ and raw duck eggs. Then I do research until noon, when I have a couple of tablespoons of yogurt and a small bowl of raw spinach. Then after a short nap it's back to the books and research until about 5, when I go to the gym and play handball and practice my kickboxing. After that I usually swim across the lake and back, a distance of about 2 miles each way. In the evenings I write letters, answer e-mails, post photos online, and play a few sonatas and etudes on the piano. After a light supper of raw salmon and brown rice I'm usually ready for bed. I'm delighted to know you enjoy my contributions here. It's fans like you who make all the hard work and self-denial worth while.
2010-02-16 08:55:55
Patito, how in the world do you know all of this stuff. I have read many of your comments. You are a very learned person, or you do a lot of reseach. Which ever. I most always agree with your comments, get a kick out of them or actually learn something. Which ever I enjoy them...
2010-02-16 07:28:56
That is pretty big for a domestic rabbit, but the Piney Woods Swamp Hare that lives in the dense woods of East Texas and Western Louisiana is actually considerably larger. Big buck swamp hares are sometimes taken that weigh 70 and 80 lbs, and the famous Ol' Bucky, who eluded hunters for years and attained semi-legendary status, tipped the scales at 102 lbs, 9 ounces when he was finally gunned down. Ol' Bucky probably would never have been taken, but he'd lost an eye a few years back while fighting off a pair of coon dogs, and that seems to have slowed him down a good bit.
2010-02-16 07:13:40
Very nice! I did not realize that Rabbits got that large.One can learn a lot from this site...