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Posted By:peasant

Old Comments:

2011-11-24 00:06:07
Thanks for that, jacksparrow. I love the way the bird retrieves the ball from under the cabinet... :)
2011-11-23 19:06:42
Full video at Youtube...Budgie Balancing Trick
2011-11-23 14:20:09
I agree with you about no news being good news. I am not into politics and I don't blame you for not fussing over it and wanting to escape from it. We only have one more week of spring and then my least favourite season comes.... that dreaded summer, ewww ...:( Oh well, could be worse, I guess. Thanks for speaking with me, Peasant... :)
2011-11-23 14:03:36
No news is a good news. That's my opinion. Here in Croatia is election campaign. One month to election. If you ask me I'll go hibernate like a bear until all that fuss ends. Beside that it would be nice to see a little bit of sun finally. Just a low clouds and mist last week here. Tjah, tempus fugit. Soon it will be spring again.
2011-11-23 13:48:43
I'm not feeling too bad, thankyou for asking, Peasant. I had a good day. Had plenty to do, shopping and housework. How are you going ? Well, I hope. Nothing much happening in Australia, at least not in my part of it. Hope that you have a good day. Wednesday is nearly over here. Only a couple of hours left. Take care, Peasant... :)
2011-11-23 13:44:53
I'm glad you like it. :) How are you today. What's new down/up there in Australia..
2011-11-23 13:38:45
LOL... :) That's really funny and sooo cute. Thankyou Peasant... :)