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2010-06-16 23:53:00
2010-06-16 23:41:04
When NASA was preparing for the Apollo propject they did some training in Arizona on a Navajo Reservation. One day an old Indian and his son who were herding sheep rode by . The old man asked a queastion in Navajo which his son translated. He wanted to know what the men in the funny white suits were doing. When the son told the old man the men were getting ready to go to the moon the old fellow got excited and asked if he could send a message to the moon. Recognizing a promotional oportunity, the NASA official produced a tape recorder and recorded the old man's message. When the son was asked to translate it he laughed but refused. The NASA officials played the recording for some other Indians in the village, and they laughed but also refused to translate it. Finally a government traslator was found and asked to translate it. He reported that the message said "Watch out for these bastards. They have come to steal your land."