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Old Comments:

2010-08-23 01:37:30
Your posts, over all, have done quite well, HJ, and the lack of support for this one is probably, as Qrvx suggests, just due to the fact that it isn't a very good photograph, not because you've become the target of downvoters. The thing is, no matter how interesting or relevant or appealing the subject matter, if the photo isn't technically up to snuff it's gonna get shot down.
2010-08-22 23:34:32
I also pay a price for using my common username Happy Jack and for trying to be nice as well. Also, some of my posts receive negative votes too. I think sooner or later, we all end up in the same boat here. But that's how it goes on Pixdaus and the downvoting and negativity won't change unfortunately until the new format comes in, if it ever does... :(
2010-08-22 22:22:00
While your theory may be plausible, it may not be logical. As you say, several of your more recent uploads did not do well, and were downvoted, while "one picture posted under another name did do well. I would suggest that it might be the "quality" of these photo's and not the person uploading them, such as yourself. The one picture you posted under another name may have either been of better quality, or perhaps the subject matter was somehow more interesting. Having viewed your latest uploads and beyond I would venture to say that the poor quality of the latest pictures caused the downvoting, while most of your pictures beyond that have received quite positive ratings, infact your general rating is very good, with only around "fifteen pictures" that did not become popular out of hundreds that did do well. Your example of PictureGirl as someone who comments and still fares well also seems odd to me, as I have just seen where several of her pictures were voted down. A better example might be someone like jujuba, who comments quite often and her pictures do not seem to suffer for it. In any case I wish you well, and I hope you can start to look at the whole picture - as they say.
2010-08-22 18:14:52
On August 15th, 2010 I posted four photos of newly hatched zoo chicks under the name of "Happy Jack" and one quite comparable and similar photo under a different and new user name. I did this just to see what might happen. The four posted under the name of "Happy Jack" received quite a few positive votes, but also massive numbers of negative votes and two of them, including this one, ended up with a negative total. The one photo posted under a different name did not receive the massive negative votes and has gone up to +30 and above. What this tells me, is what I have suspected for some time, that the downvoting is not because of the photo, or even the subject, but because of the uploader, in this case myself, who is only known to the Pixdaus user by this name plus the photos and comments that I have posted under it. Evidently a number of people must have taken offense over some comment that I made in the past (although I have no idea what it may have been) and as a result are voting down each and every one of my posted photos. Obviously it is either time for me to quit Pixdaus or to change my user name. It is very unfortunate that I have to do this. For the rest of you, I would strongly suggest that you never make a comment under the same user name that you post photos under. There are a lot of comments posted as "one time wonders" and it is very obvious to me as to why this is done. Only very few people, PictureGirl for example, are able to comment under their more commonly used name and get away with it. Most of the rest will pay a price for it.
2010-08-15 12:23:09
This tiny chick photographed moments ago at Twycross Zoo represents a recent clutch of quail chicks being raised with the aid of a heat lamp. The Zoo's quail hen has mysteriously ignored her first clutch of eggs, leaving the bird keeper no choice but to incubate it artificially. When they are a month old the chicks will be put in an apex in the aviary. The tiny chicks will be monitored until they are big enough to look after themselves.