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Old Comments:

2010-07-30 01:20:24
BDW: We call that tattoo "Tasmanijska Zvijer" translated in English "Tasmanian beast" and short of it is Taz, that's why author of this picture put a name " Taz u centru pažnje" translated Tasmanian beast in the focus...
2010-07-29 23:22:29
Don't (tease=Taz) me , Bro...?
2010-07-29 23:06:26
Impossible to 'don't taz me bro' or see You Tube University of Florida Taser Incident....
2010-07-29 23:00:12
translated does it means?
2010-07-29 22:54:57
Don't Taz me, Bro !
2010-07-29 22:26:10
now my eyes are happy, I love 'flowers'
2010-07-29 21:56:36
Ok, put this tattoo on her. ignore flower...
2010-07-29 21:27:16
the foot is ok, the legs? :-D