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Old Comments:

2009-12-23 14:00:34
Welcome to the loonie bin Myke from New Zealand. I'm a Canadian from Vancouver - the Queenie still hangs over both our heads. I'm glad you let the troll know where New Zealand is - pssst...he's not too bright. I understand you have fantastic hiking trails in your neck of the woods (South Island).
2009-12-23 13:58:03
Maybe that's because there are so many down-voting little cocksuckers like you !
2009-12-23 13:19:38
Troll Patrol thinks your photos are inferior and mediocre and get massive cheatervotes by patito! "the voting system is just a joke now"!!!! YES, patito! YOU make it a joke, asshole! "your shots may not be professional quality but they deserve to be seen and have a right to be here" ...and patito make it sure! Doesn't matter if a majority vote them down! patito and his 20votes will put it "right"! HE decide which pics "deserve to be seen"! Not the Pixdaus users!
2009-12-23 12:22:22
Sorry, Myke...Troll Patrol thinks your photos are inferior and mediocre and don't belong here..some of us think there's room here at Pixdaus for professional and non-professional photos alike, and that's why your photo is still on the page and hasn't been down-voted into oblivion...Troll Patrol is just the latest name for a troll who developed a fixation for me some time back..he monitors my photos and my posting history and he believes anything that happens here that he doesn't like is my doing..he's a regular user who has posted lots of photos..he just doesn't have the guts to make comments using his actual user name...this has been going on for a loooong time, but when the new Pixdaus is rolled out in a few weeks it'll be all over for the likes of Troll Patrol, Explode and the rest of 'em...and there'll be a fair and meaningful voting system..the voting system is just a joke now, so plus or minus really means nothing, except a photo can vanish is it gets too many minuses....your shots may not be professional quality but they deserve to be seen and have a right to be here.......Cheers
2009-12-23 12:00:10
Hey You two - this is my picture so stop fighting over it. I made a legitimate posting for others to enjoy and now it's crazy..... **And i did take the photo myself, as i did all my postings. I usually use a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS Camera ALSO: my Real Name IS "Myke" Salmon (not a screenname/psuedonym) and i do come from New Zealand [It's in the South Pacific, 2000miles East of Australia]
2009-12-23 11:48:53
"Good Ol'Myke" (as you like to call him) posted mediocre pics which YOU keep alive with your cheatervotes! And please stop your boring "You post nothing"-shit! Just a reminder: over 3.000 comments by patito WITHOUT uploading ONE picture! So calm down, asshole!
2009-12-23 10:58:40
Mediocre....far inferior to the many excellent photos Troll Patrol has posted....unless, of course, Troll Patrol IS a poster, but lacks the guts to make comments using his own the first case he is nothing but a troll, pure and simple..if the second case is true he is an abject gutless chciken-shit yellow-bellied coward...
2009-12-23 10:48:50
...from -8 "suddenly" to +17 in less than a second! patito really pay attention to his "fiends" with mediocre pictures...