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Old Comments:

2011-10-20 04:19:23
The forbidden fruit was the 'tree of knowledge'. Many believe that 'tree' is the knowledge of the cosmos, bing bang, DNA, gnome etc.............................. Some believe that Adam and Eve were just symbols of 'awareness' or a form of energy or.... It learned the knowledge of physical reality and took on a physical form, and here we are. Most people take the bible literally, instead of seeing it as proverbs or.... This prevents us from seeking the 'truth' which is within all of us.
2011-10-20 03:53:41
It doesn't make sense if the apple idea is wrong. Interestingly, I found the info here about why people think the fruit could be an apple.....
2011-10-20 03:27:40
The King James Bible says fruit, but the apple is one of the earliest domestic fruit, and its center of origin is the part of the world where the events in Genesis were believed to have taken place. It makes sense that in the minds of the peoples who told the story round campfires for millennia would have had in mind an apple.
2011-10-20 02:41:43
Which Bible do you have, evie ? Most Bibles say fruit and not apple....
2011-10-20 02:31:44
MY bible says it was an apple. There are different versions/interpretations of the bible.
2011-10-19 23:59:38
The Bible does not say that the fruit eaten in the Garden of Eden was an apple. It just states that it was a fruit that was used. What matters most and what the Bible's message brings out with what Eve, then Adam did, was man’s disobedience that lead to the kind of life we lead today. The type of fruit is not relevant to what happened.....
2011-10-19 22:06:47
Whoever did this has great imagination!