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Old Comments:

2010-06-26 09:58:09
Hello Allie, It's very nice to speak to you. You are very welcome. Your photo is very beautiful. And I'm so glad and happy (relieved also) that you don't mind me posting it here. Even though it is on Creative Commons, I think somehow I still should have told you beforehand that I was going to post it here. I should really start to do that from now on. It's only the right thing to do after all. I hope that you are having a wonderful day/night and that you have a great weekend also. Take care... Mary.. (PictureGirl)... :)
2010-06-26 07:09:20
Hello, I shot this picture & published it under creative commons license at flickr - so it's free for all to use! Nice that I found it here, thanks for posting it :-) I have no complaints at all, it's so interesting how some pictures get spread around if you release them free of license. Sorry to hear that some photographers may see it different... but I'm not one of thise ;-) Best regards, Allie
2010-05-10 21:02:02
Hello libellule, Hoping you are well. Sorry not to answer you sooner. Thankyou for your kindness, libellule. Yes, you are right. It IS a joy for me to post pictures. If I do decide to get on with posting again, it will be with the direct consent from the photographer. Yes, it takes time, you are right again. Thankfully, most of them get back to you soon after I ask them fot that permission. Libellule, did you see the picture I posted to you a few days back about 5 days ago ? The link to that is I hope you like it. Take care and have a great day....:)
2010-05-10 17:04:14
Good morning, Mary PG :-) I have just opened my computer, and I read you don't want to go on posting ? It is very sad for us, but I am feeling it is sad also/too for you.Why not to go on with, like you said, "the DIRECT consent of the photographers" ? Sure it takes time, but it is probably a big joy for you ... And it is sure it is a big joy for us !
2010-05-09 16:05:00
Thankyou Jujuba. so glad you like it and I hope that it gives you pleasure when you look at it each time. The photographer took a really lovely photo here, that's for sure ! I would miss posting, but I have to think about it all for now. Not sure what to do yet. For now though, I won't be posting photos....:(
2010-05-09 15:36:01
Very lovely picture Mary, saved! :-) Oh, and by the way, you know you can´t leave us ;-) :P
2010-05-09 09:50:53
Thankyou Danis. That is so sweet of you to say... :)
2010-05-09 01:49:38
Don't give up PictureGirl, not only you post so beautiful photos but also you are a very kind person.
2010-05-09 00:19:49
Thankyou again Poppy for your comments. I will have to think about things. There are a few reasons why I am thinking of giving up the computer, one of which is money. I only live on $350 a week and the bills are getting quite high these days. I would also give up the use of my landline. What is the use to have both landline AND a mobile ? And I can always go to my local library and post pics there if I still want to post...
2010-05-09 00:13:11
Thankyou Fuzzy Blue One. You are too kind... :)
2010-05-09 00:12:46
My advice to you is this: Do NOT give up your window to the world! If you do, your depression is only going to increase because you'll be too isolated, too inward-looking, too limited in views - the Internet is a great tool when properly used and to give it up would be foolish. The mobile phone does not come even close to being the 'real thing'. There are unpleasant side effects to the net as in everything else in life, but knowing what to ignore and what to embrace is the key...
2010-05-09 00:07:38
This is such a beautiful photo - Don't stop PictureGirl Mary -
2010-05-08 23:20:14
Thankyou Patitio. I appreciate your encouragement very much. My phone is an iphone, so the photos can be viewed pretty well on it. I know that I wouldn't be able to post anymore here with just having that, but I just don't want to do the wrong thing and do things against people's wishes. I've been taught to let your yes mean yes, your no mean no. And that is what I want to follow. As I said to Poppy previously, I will have to think about this. Thankyou again, Patito. I hope you are having a great day too... :)
2010-05-08 23:06:20
I'm also going to urge you not to throw in the towel because of a single incident, PG. You've posted almost 400 photos,some of which have brought real joy and pleasure to the folks who looked at them....then one photographer asks you to remove a photo. Fine...remove that photo. But don't quit the show. And those little computers in a cell phone are fine for what they do, but for viewing beautiful photos they're not worth a hill of beans. The screens are dang near microscopic. Why impose that limitation on yourself? You obviously enjoy the experience of seeing the beauty of nature as expressed in photos...looking at those photos on a cell phone screen is like listening to a symphony orchestra playing a concert over your grandma's kitchen radio. Better than nothing, but not by much. As for changing your mind...that's a woman's perogative throughout the world. Even in Australia, Maite ! : )
2010-05-08 22:50:31
Thankyou Poppy for your very kind words. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. If I DO post, it would only be with the DIRECT consent of the photographers, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. I would not do so with photos like in Wikimedia, because as demonstrated today, I can't be sure that is 100% backed by the photographer to freely post it. Anyway, I don't like to go back on my word if I can help it. I said I wouldn't post anymore pics, I will have to do some serious thinking about this. I'm also in 2 minds too, as to whether to stop owning a computer altogether. I have the internet on my mobile phone and I'm thinking that this is really all I need to access it. Thankyou again, Poppy. Hope you are having a great day.... :)
2010-05-08 22:17:01
Dear PictureGirl (Mary): It would be a great loss for Pixdaus if you’ll not post any more pics... You have been the first poster who has taken the stand to only post photos that are free for anyone to post. It seems to me that Mr Ashleigh Thompson is not fully aware of the licence under which he gave the picture () to Wikimedia Commons. There will always be people who cannot recall the circumstances of giving their exclusive rights to a photograph… Please reconsider, Mary. We all love you and would like you to give us a window to the world as you see it…
2010-05-08 16:39:07
Hello to all, I have made up my mind again (and this time I am sticking to my decision) to not post any further pictures to Pixdaus. I have been trying to post pics with permission and from websites that allow you prior permission to post photos. But due to one of the photographers contacting me just now to remove a photo, I see that it's not even safe to go about posting pics in the way that I have. It's just not worth the hassle ! I will still comment though, but I will not post pics anymore. Thankyou for all of your votes and comments. I truly appreciate them all very much. I hope that the pictures I've posted have given you all alot of smiles and happiness.... Mary (PictureGirl)....
2010-05-08 16:20:14