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Old Comments:

2010-12-13 07:14:44
You finall figured that out!!! How brilliant of you!!
2010-12-13 07:13:56
Duplicate should not have said that it was a repost, since it would be impossible for anyone to know. FunBoy used the caption 'Let's see' and the tag 'fun'. But, duplicate did find maybe it was via tineye? Who is Greg author or photographer? If photographer, why did Ademir not put his name under caption? Last week someone posted a posted I had already posted while back. Because I found my copy in a blog, I did not have a caption or photographer's name. So, I did not think it fair to mention it.
2010-12-13 01:50:51
in expectation of new and 'wonderful' features of sacred new platform, we could always insert the author of the photo (if known) in the title..
2010-12-13 01:39:53
Ademir just put his finger on one of the main problems with doing a search here, and that is the sheer number of pages of popular subjects. For example, there are 30 pages of swans, 29 pages of kittens, 28 pages of elephants, and 50 pages of cats. Given the glacial speed at which pages often load here, such a search involves a lot more time than many of us are wiling or able to take. If the pics were thumb-nailed with 30 or 40 per page that would speed things up. Maybe the New Plaform will have such a feature. Yeah, Right.
2010-12-13 01:09:00
2010-12-13 00:59:33
2010-12-13 00:57:55
mmm, you're right... I've maked a search by author: Greg Porteous= nothing I've maked a search with tineye.. = nothing I didn't want a search by tag 'monkey' = 39 pages.. and the tag of photo posted by funboy is ' fun ' I think the duplicate is unavoidable, what else say/write, I added more information: original source, author, news :)
2010-12-13 00:44:16
2010-12-13 00:42:31