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Old Comments:

2009-02-15 09:46:54
Here's another thing, Blanko..sooner or later a troll is gonna come slitherin' along and start postin' really nasty, obscene, disgustin' comments that you wouldn't want anyone to think were yours, using no name, just a blank space..and there'll be no way for you to disassociate yourself from the troll..
2009-02-15 07:29:15
Listen Blanko, I'm with you, but PLEASE get a name, otherwise you have no credibility.
2009-02-15 07:19:06
Register your name and start posting pics! We miss them! Your talent is being wasted! ;-) - I like the way use the the word 'drats' because it reminds me of me because I say 'rats' all the time, á la Charlie Brown; the meaning is similar.
2009-02-15 07:06:21
I know who General Ignacio Zaragoza was; I just didn't want to blind you with my brilliance ;-) He did have to withdraw his forces in the lst battle. But,alas, with a force smaller and not as well equipped, he kicked French butt. Drats. I'm not sure of the exact details, but here goes: NapoleonIII's brother went to Mexico. My cousin's ancestor (on his father's side - not related to me) went with him. My cousin is of nobility. ( During the French Revolution my cousin's ancestors surprisingly sided with the revolutionists. When France put another King on the throne for a short while, the King kicked the family out of France; they went to Belgium. When Napoleon came to power, the family was welcomed back, but most of them stayed in Belgium. My cousin's father (my uncle, by marriage) immigrated from there. My uncle's father worked in the Belgium Royal Court. One of my cousin's relatives fought in the Civil War. I saw a photo of his grave on Google. I also have another set of cousins belonging to another nobility family - they are in the who's who book of the genuine nobility of France - some claims were/are weak). I'm just a commoner - but never common ;-) CONNIE aka jane doe
2009-02-14 20:15:13
Bravo ! Excellent ! Entertaining and educational..lot's of people aren't aware of the origins of the present day population of California ! need to review the part about Ignacio Zaragoza...I can understand how that might be painful for a Francophile, since Zaragoza inflicted a memorable defeat on a crack French army, but it's an important part of history.
2009-02-14 19:46:32
Stonewall Jackson...Any relation to Michael Jackson? Sam Houston... I know there's a Houston town in Texas...or is that in one of those Carolinas? Heh…I remember! Ain’t he the nasty soldier who help us steal all that land from the Mexicans...damn gringoes. Ignacio Zaragosa – I know who he was; he fought alongside Generalasimo Pancho Villa. Aint I smart!! You say I’m education? Not so much. I was born and raised in the Ozarks in Missouri. We don't hold much for education in the hills, especially for girls, cause Pa said it might put crazy ideas in our heads. He say that girls are only worth somethin when they have lots of younguns and cook and clean good. We was poor but we always had 'nough of collards, fiddleheads and black eyed peas with some lard on it. It was primitive and simple like, but my ma and pa reared me and my younger brothers and sisters real good in dem der hills. There was a lot of banjo and fiddlin' music and singin. Except pa would woop me real good if I dared look at BobbyJo. He was so perrrrty with those big blue eyes! But Pa said he was white trash, cause his ma was the town scarlet and he don't know who his pa was, could be any man in the county. Pa sure liked Bubba Swan though. His Pa was Floyd Swan. He was rich; he owned the garage and the truth be told he also made the best moonshine in all the Ozarks, and that's a fact. That made pa realll happy. Mooney was sooo ugly, his gut would just bounce like jella when he walked, his eyes were milky slits, and he smelled real bad. He was always cussin’ and fightin’ with the Roper boys. They was natural enemies since way back in the early 1800s, lots of feudin and killing. Then it got real bad when the Civil War started. The Swans fought with the Confederacy and the Ropers for the Union. It got real ugly in the Ozarks. Soldiers from both sides would come on leave or just take it since discipline was loose. Taking advantage of the war, they went at each other, settling old wounds. By the end of the War, there were not many Swans or Ropers left in the county. Anyhow, when I turned 15, Pa said I was to marry Mooney that comin Saturday. I said "No Pa I ain't gonna, cause I love BillyJo and I’m gonna marry him". Pa got real mad, brought his shotgun out and said if I don't marry Mooney, he'd fill BillyJo's butt full of lead. Ma gave me the signal, she kept pouring Pa more and more of that good moonshine. When Pa was snoring real loud, I stuffed my clothes in a pillowcase, rushed down to BobbyJo's house in the village and told him it was time he and I got hitched. He packed his stuff, printed a message (he couldn’t write good) for his Ma who was at the tavern, and we took off. We went to Reverend Doolittle's house in the next county. He was drunk as a skunk, which was good, otherwise he would not have dared marry us - he knew Pa reputation and he feared him something fierce. We slept on a haystack that night. I cried and cried ‘cause I was leaving Ma, Pa and my brothers and sisters. We left the Ozarks behind and worked out way to Californie as pickers. Me and BobyJo did eventually learn to read and write some. We had lot of younguns and times was tough, but that’s another story. CONNIE aka Jane Doe (formerly Bonnie Mae)
2009-02-12 22:04:01
Jefferson Davis was a West Point graduate, fought in the Mexican War, was a United States Senator from Mississippi, and Secretary of War in the administration of President Franklin Pirece..after the secession of the southern states he became President of the Confederacy....if you'd like to know more enter his name in your search engine....I'm a little surprised that an educated adult living in North America would never have heard of Jeff Davis, but then even historians have areas of history about which their knowledge is sketchy or even non-existent...ever heard of Robert E. Lee ? How about Stonewall Jackson ? Sam Houston ? Ignacio Zaragosa ? Just wondering...
2009-02-12 16:07:01
Yes Peachfizzy, I'm Jane least for now. If anyone tries using the name Connie...I'll make their life on this site a living hell on earth ;-) but I mean it. DRATS! Patito, are you trying to rewrite history? I never heard of this Jefferson Davis; and I'm a history buff...of a sort.
2009-02-12 15:02:27
So Connie, you mean you are now Jane Doe?
2009-02-12 14:11:28
...the President of the Confederate States of America was Jefferson Davis..
2009-02-12 12:09:02
2009-02-12 11:22:14
OOOPS! I did it again, sorry ;)
2009-02-08 07:36:08
Maybe more truth to those dates than one might suppose..and only Yankees called it the Civil War..a civil war is a war fought between factions within a country or nation..the war in question was fought between two separate countries, the United States of America and the Confederate States of America...hence we prefer to call it The War Between the States...
2009-02-08 07:19:07
Wikipedia does not have any info on a US Civil War during the Kennedy and Johnson years. It's a cover-up.
2008-07-26 17:59:45
How about 1861-1865 in the caption?
2008-07-24 04:55:18
It should read 1861-65