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Posted By:connie

Old Comments:

2009-07-08 08:28:45
That's what I found so funny. Can you imagine a big burly state trooper driving one of those?
2009-07-07 15:56:47
That'll have to be Cornwall, then. ;-)
2009-07-07 13:26:17
My grand daddy had a car like that. It was blue; a color a police car should be. But a pink police car? New one on me. ;)
2009-07-07 09:25:27
I don't like Peking Duck very much - too fatty tasting. Now, if you suggested roasted Cornish Hen - when and where ;-)
2009-07-07 03:59:22
That's what I like about you, Connie: you're not influenced by the vote race, you post your series because you like putting them together, and hang the votes! I have enjoyed every one of your series, and so have many others... Care to have Peking Duck with me one day, Connie? You're the tops!
2009-07-07 02:49:09
Thanks poppy - I had fun putting it together. Route 66 was such a large part of American life, with sayings like 'to California or bust', 'driving the mother road'... with folks heading out west to find work, a new life... with all their hopes and dreams. I got to travel a very small part of it. Many communities in Canada and the US died when the instate, and Trans Canada, highways were built. These highways don't have the warmth, magic and connection to the people as these old 'blue' highways did. They are for speed and efficiency. My themes (I keep referring to them as series as they were originally meant to be) don't get much votes, but it doesn't matter. I think this might bring back some pleasant memories for some folks, and give a small insight of North American life to the non-North Americans folks on Pixdaus.
2009-07-07 01:19:50
Great set of pics for your Route 66 theme, Connie! Love this car, I'd have it painted fuchsia and put whitewall tires on it. ;-)