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Old Comments:

2008-05-30 15:44:26
Nice wheels!
2008-05-30 08:29:47
When I was a kid in the navy I bought an old '49 Buick Roadmaster convertible...looked about like this only black, and had those little Buick portholes along the side of the hood...straight 8 engine..Dynaflow tranny..was already over 10 years old when I got it, but it was like steering a yacht down the hiway...those were the days when gas was cheap and American cars were the envy of the things have changed..
2008-05-30 07:50:26
That's awesome!!!
2008-05-30 05:55:47
It's an incredible machine.
2008-05-30 05:50:11
Aw ... yeah! That's nice 8)