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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2009-10-02 20:54:28
I am a pest cause patito delete pictures he don't like??? (And patito DID delete pics! That's a fact! He admit it!!!!) I am a pest cause I don't give patito his head? patito is the greatest pest on Pixdaus! HE is poisoning the atmosphere here with his scatology and his troll pics! If others act like a troll it's a disaster. If patito act like a troll you approve it! You apply double standards! If you fight trolls, you have to fight patito!
2009-10-02 19:37:52
Huddle, you're a pest.
2009-10-02 09:46:17
Thank God patito liked it! Otherwise he would remove this pic from the site...
2009-10-02 09:10:02
It's great...let's hope that the reforms and re-modeling on the way here will include a wider window for photos..this REALLY needs to be seen full sized.
2009-10-02 09:05:10
Hi patito,I was sure that you would like this one!
2009-10-02 08:48:07
Wow ! A Classic Woodie ! And what a beauty ! See it full-sized, folks !