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Posted By:tonyq

Old Comments:

2009-01-07 13:31:25
there are quite a few de la haye cars on the web if you hunt for them. maybe I should post some, huh
2008-05-27 21:15:26
Can't be wheel clamped either :)
2008-05-26 21:24:50
Head lights are behind the egg shapped grills,fog/driving lights are behind the round grills, body by Figoni and Falaschi, France
2008-05-26 19:32:49
That was when cars were designed by artists and made by craftsmen. The colour combination is superb. I assume the headlamps are hidden behind the circular grills either side of the registration plate, or maybe behind the oval grills above.
2008-05-26 19:25:21
Hawt even without headlights. When a car looks that good it doesnt need headlights.
2008-05-26 14:17:39
Where it has lights?
2008-05-26 13:36:07
DAMN! That's a mighty fine ride. Like something you'd see the wolf in the cartoons riding.
2008-05-26 10:14:08
I rather a horse
2008-05-26 10:09:52
That is almost more a work of art than car...absolutely stunning!