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Old Comments:

2008-04-07 08:18:42
I was wondering why it bothered you, until I took a second look and saw the Doc standing there. That thing really is freakish!!!
2008-04-07 04:12:04
this is the strangest picture i've seen in my life.i can't explain why but it freakes me out big time,something about the proportions i guess
2008-04-06 22:16:55
Ah, I've always said I loved bats! :) Now there's yet another reason to love 'em.
2008-04-06 17:40:46
The dear Dr. Campbell made an error in his plans. He forgot to give the bats reading lessons in English before bringing them to the new location. So its not surprising that they flew off, because they were unable to read what was written on their prospective new home. But there was another important reason for the bats 'buggering off,' (that means going away quickly.) They were atheists and didn't like the idea of the make-believe church.
2008-04-06 14:37:18
on paper its actually a pretty good idea
2008-04-06 11:00:51
They imported a metric shitload of bats for this thing, and they all split the scene. No bats live there still, but the 'bat house' is a local landmark.