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Posted By:willya

Old Comments:

2008-06-23 16:38:46
Thanks, Just sayin, I will try your suggestion. you are probably better off not having many pic's up because it's hard to comment on here and have your pic's floating around out there at the same time : ) I mean sometimes people will disagree if you say the sky is blue.. Ha Ha
2008-06-23 16:15:34
If you are using Safari, try using a different browser. I have to use IE when I want to post something here (that's why I don't have many pics).
2008-06-23 10:37:50
I tried to post a pic of the guy who sings that song garden party "Ricky Nelson" the other day and I did it twice and both times it said your file has been downloaded but it wasen't there, What's up with that?
2008-06-23 10:24:23
I'm laughing because we always congregate at the same places, but what can we do when there are not enough men to go around on Pixdaus? We should all collect a sizable file of men's pics and then post them all on a same day! That will give the men tendonitis in their voting hands. ;-) :-)
2008-06-23 09:34:28
2008-06-19 02:16:51
very nice!!!