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Old Comments:

2010-02-24 08:12:43
You are very welcome. And your English is ok by me. I can't speak your language at all. So you are better than I am in that you can speak your language AND English. You are doing very well. Thankyou again, Parsto... :)
2010-02-23 23:32:52
Thank you " PictureGirl dear" My English is poor. ممنون از شما " PictureGirl dear" انگلیسی من ضعیف است -------- persian
2010-02-23 23:10:49
Parsto, I'm not too sure if you can speak English or not, but I just wanted to say that the photos that you have posted are simply beautiful. Many thanks for posting them and giving us such pleasure in seeing them... :)
2010-02-23 23:02:47
خط می زنم این روزها اسم های خیالی ام را کنار بوته های رویای من کلاغ ها لانه کرده اند و همه جا انسان می روید تا خدا نظاره می کنم حاصل حسادتم شکوفه های ریز رنج باغ شده ام و دلهره ی آدم ها روزی همین من باغ را شکوفه باران خواهم کرد